18 Jun

What Are The Major Differences Between Body Lotion, Cream & Butter? 

Body Lotion, Body Cream and Body Butters are mostly made of water, oil and of course, other moisturizing ingredients. 

Body cream is also made of water and oil. But the amount of oil used in a body cream is more than a lotion. Body butter contains essential oils and butters along with other deeply hydrating ingredients. 

It has an amount of water in it. It is lighter than body cream and body butter. Body creams are thicker than body lotion, but lighter than a body butter. Body butter is the thickest among all the moisturizers. It moisturizes oily skin perfectly. But if you have dry skin, it may not moisturize your skin as much as a body butter or cream. 

You can include body cream in your skincare regimen if you are seeking complete nourishment for your dry skin. Body butter lasts longer than any lotion and cream. It offers deep moisturization and is best for treating dry skin, rough patches and dullness. 

Body lotion has both emollients and humectants as the moisturizing ingredients. It also contains vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which keep your skin hydrated and protect your natural skin barrier. 

Body creams contain emollients. But they are neither as light as lotions nor as strong or hydrating enough as compared to the emollients used in body butter. Carrier oils used in them carry the essential ingredients and deliver them to the skin's deeper layers.

 Essential butters are filled with fats and minerals, derived from natural ingredients like shea, cocoa, palm, mango, etc. 

Lotions are typically applied on arms, neck and legs. They also get easily absorbed into your skin. You can apply body lotion after a shower for the best result! It takes around half an hour for the cream to get absorbed into your skin. It usually takes a longer time to get absorbed into your skin. 

We advise you to leave it overnight to get the perfect outcome. What Is Best For Your Skin Among Body Cream, Lotion And Butter? 

What works best for you depends on your skin type and problems. As we have mentioned earlier, lotions contain more water and fewer oils, which makes it perfect for your oily skin. Oily skin needs a light moisturizer. 

For mild dryness, you will require a moisturizer thicker than lotion, but not as greasy as a body butter. 

Body butter works best for extremely dry skin. If your skin is in need of complete hydration, you should opt for body butter. Wrapping Up Body lotions, creams and butters are forms of moisturisers with different consistency and ingredient ratios. 

So choose the best product for your skin type based on its needs and the climatic conditions. 

In general, lotions work better for the summers and butters and creams work best for the winters. Most over the counter products are made to address generalized skin issues, while your skin needs a unique solution that only caters to your problem. 

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